Sri Lankan TV Live on YouTube

YouTube introduced live streaming recently and it’s very refreshing to see the Sri Lankan TV channels have taken steps to make their live streams available through that. It is a bit disappointing to see that the Aussie TV channels have not gone to the same extent, of course there may be licensing issues in terms of showing the content over different channels. It may well be another battle the SL TV channels have to fight in another day!

But in the meantime, expats like me can watch them either on a Smart TV or on Chromecast or similar TV sticks.

I’m listing down the list of YouTube streams as well as non-YouTube streams for the benefit of expats like me and even for the locals.


  1. Derana TV
  2. Sirasa TV
  3. TNL
  4. Siyatha TV
  5. Swarnavahini

Other (If you are using chrome you can cast the tab on full screen to your Chromecast, as expected it is a bit slow)

  1. Rupawahini
  2. ITN
  3. Hiru TV
  4. Buddhist TV

I will be updating the links as and when they are updated and when I come across new stuff.

Find below the embeds of the YouTube content for your convenience. You can directly send these to your Chromecast or the Smart TV.


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Get rid of Annoying Facebook Notifcations from Google Chrome

When Facebook offered me to have the notifications turned on for the chrome browser it felt like a cool idea. I did really have fun with it.

But since my PC is shared with my wife things got very confusing when she turned on notifications for her Chrome user. I think it’s a bug in chrome where notification for the inactive users are also shown. When I click on the notification it actually opens a tab from the other chrome user and opens the other user’s Facebook account. This is confusing and also against the main rules of privacy. I guess not even I need to know what’s happening in my wife’s Facebook account.

So here’s the solution I Googled, which is a simple change of settings.

  • Open the Google Chrome Settings page, at the top right > Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings.
  • Under Privacy, click Content settings.
  • Scroll down to Notifications.


  • Select exceptions, there should be an entry for Facebook and it should say allowed. Change it to blocked (Don’t delete the entry. It will prompt the users again whether to have notifications).


  • If you have more than one Chrome users you need to do this for each user.

Congratulations! you have no more harassment with Facebook notifications on Google Chrome!

Domain management for Dummies :P

When an ordinary person like me purchases a domain there is a auto-renew option we can enable.  So for example when you buy the domain for two years, at the end of the two years the subscription renews by deducting that from your PayPal or the credit card.

But there seems to be exceptions when it comes to tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Amazing isn’t it.

Here’s a situation in 2011 where Microsoft forgot to renew and the person who has bought it has returned it to them with no charge!

This person has actually bought through Google itself, which is more amazing than the Microsoft situation. Guy who bought the domain being a Google salve again got them out of jail as there were no issues apart from the guy getting barging rights to say that he owned Google for a short period.

So it’s not a bad idea to keep on searching for popular domain names. Who knows you may get lucky. I would suggest that you wont return that for free because you own that domain and it’s their god damn mistake not to protect their domain.

iOS 9 first impressions…




I was a bit hesitant to update to the new iOS 9 as soon as it came out. But being a curious cat I just couldn’t resist getting killed.

And yes it was buggy as expected. Fonts seems to be a bit different with the simple letter recognising stock keyboard. Of course I did like the multitasking feature which enables a right edge swipe to left pull out a side menu which enables you to sneak peak the Twitter app or your email for example. Also the mail app has become more usable with one drive and iCloud attachment capability. Await more additions to the list of features I fall in love as an update to this post

But yes it seems to be bit laggy and I tried the steps in the following link;

Additionally I did turn off Siri which I hardly use and didn’t turnoff the background refresh which will kill the experience. Well it did make the device faster but… The keypad effects were gone in some of the apps. Specially the Google search app which must be the mostly used application by me. Then playing around with the settings my finding was that you need to turn Siri off for Spotlight which gives a balanced performance for my iPad mini 3 cellular. I don’t know how it behaves on other iOS devices and I welcome comments about the other devices.

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Review: New Vodafone AU $50 Red Plan

Well as soon as I arrived in Oz I went with two MVNOs and learnt that cheaper they are the crappier.  (Lebara and Lycamobile)

So I went in search of different plans and being a Sri Lankan the recommended plan from most of the people living here was the $50 Vodafone Red Sim Only plan since I already had the phone and the main advantages of this package was;

  • 300 Minutes of International calls to ANY country where as the others offered the minutes but they were limited to selected countries which did not include Sri Lanka
  • Unlimited local calls to any number
  • Unlimited TXT and PXT (SMS and MMS) Local and International
  • 3GB of data

I guess I was happy with this and ended up getting the same connection for $35 as I added more connections under my name.

Adding a shared plan added 1GB to my plan and also I could share everything I had with my wife for another A$30

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