Mobile BB at war in Sri Lanka

Long time ago when I was just about to leave university there was an unlimited package deal offered by Dialog for students which amazed all of us to go for a dialog Dongle.

So like everyone I also bought one and was complaining about the speeds from the begining and was jealous to hear the speeds the Mobitel consumers enjoyed.

Still I got the dongle for about 5,400 LKR + Package Charges ++ More Charges (Including an unfair pro-rate rental) with 6 months contract with a Huawei E220 with an ineffective operator lock. Which many used with other operators after the contract was over.

With time Mobitel also came up with some packages which had some cometitive pricing.
You can get the detailed Mobitel Broadband package information from here..

Post Paid Packages Zoom 490 Zoom 890 Zoom 1290
Subscription (Rs) 490/- 890/- 1290/-
Free Data Bundle 1.5 GB 4 GB 8 GB
Downlink Speed Up to 1 Mbps 1 Mbps 3.6 Mbps
Uplink Speed Up to 1 Mbps 1 Mbps 1.98 Mbps
Excess Usage Charge for a block of 10 MB Rs.2 Rs.2 Rs.1/50
Price Capped at (Rs) 7500/- 7500/- 7500/-
Connection Fee (Rs) 250/- 250/- 250/-
Deposit (Rs) 1,500/- 1,500/- 2,000/-

Figure 1 – Extract from

Ok ok Airtel :P, They have some competitive pricing, with no coverage.
So that is excluded. If you are interested I found a link which has some informal AirTel Broadband pricing information, which may not be 100% correct.

I was in a dilema as to what I should use. Then searching online I found out that most of the people are praising Mobitel. Knowing that I will be loosing the advantage of browsing with a real IP and will be behind a NAT, I went for speed. As soon as I bought that, mobitel started some more packages where they provided some attractive pre-paid packages which drastically reduced their speeds due to the high usage.

Oppsss! have I made a bad decision, that was the question I started having. Still I was not seeing much of a reduction with the speeds. Actually from my home I was still getting higher speeds compared to Dialog.

As I figured out, there may be some connection with the number of users and the reduced speeds. As far as I know there are very few people who uses Mobile BB in my area, that may be the reason I am still having higher speeds. Also dialog seems to be behind with coverage compared to Mobitel. So for me so far Mobitel is comparatively good.

Recently Dialog changed their pricing not once but twice to beat the competition and the final detailed list for Dialog Broadband packages can be found here..

Monthly Rental Speed Check Applies at Refundable Deposit
Rs. 690 2GB Rs. 1,000
Rs. 990 4GB Rs. 1,000
Rs. 1,490 7GB Rs. 1,500
Rs. 2,990 15GB Rs. 1,500

Figure 2 – Extract from

This gives some advantage to the users who have a lower data usage. where there speeds will drastically reduce after a certain level of usage depending on the package.

Still I feel that Mobitel is better for me and competive prices giving a higher demand may (Should not happen technically, but this is Sri Lanka :D) reduce the speeds and the quality of the service from Dialog.

I’m not supporting Mobitel by any means but what I’m saying is that they are comparatively better for me and not for many of the other users. So if you are making a decision it’s very hard and complicated. The only way is to use them all and choose the best one.

Since Etisalat has got their 3G licence it’s not going to take that long for them to also start introducing competitive packages. Which I am looking forward to.

Here’s my comparison (Remember: I get a better speed with Mobitel):

I use the 1290LKR package from Mobitel which gives me 8GB per month.
Even if you exceed the limit still you are charged at 1.50LKR per 1MB so that is 150 for 1GB.

Dialog has a package for 1,490LKR which gives 7GB, after that the speeds drop.
So if you want to maintain the speeds you get 1GB for 300LKR (You do not have the 10MB charging blocks, no half measures)

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