Though you are subscribed you are not subscribed

Fed days ago I wrote about what happened to me while using the web interface provided by mobitel. Ultimately I went to the mobitel customer care since the m3team didn’t reply and billing cycle was to expire yesterday(02-07-2010).

Due to my busy schedule I never get the chance to visit customer care’s which are open at daytime. I saw something about keeping open 24 hours at mobitel CC but actually was never sure whether it was only the bill payments. but was actually a bit amazed that there were CC representatives available at that time.

As per them even though the web interface shows like that I have not been subscribed …? well lets wait and see. CC service was good but not the supplementary services. It’s time that Sri Lankan companies think more down the line of the quality of the products and services they offer rather than only thinking price all the time. there was no consistency and I was made uncomfortable by their incapable web development company they have selected.

One thought on “Though you are subscribed you are not subscribed

  1. Since I can not check the outstanding balance and since my web still shows that I'm subscribed to the xxx service I went to the Mobitel head office to just check with them again. There was this guy sitting with a laptop who challenged me that I was wrong and I logged to the system and showed him the reality. He promised that this would be sorted-out in two weeks. Let's see 😀


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