Twitter and Telco Companies

For sometime now, I wanted to have a look at twitter in a different perspective. People use twitter in different ways and for different things these days. In this post I’m looking at Twitter in my interested domain ‘Telecommunications’.

All the telecommunication related companies have their twitter account these days. Main reason they have a twitter account is because they want to have the Follow us on Twitter, Facebook ,LinkedIn on their website. Other than that I don’t see many using twitter to advantage.
Following are some of the things a telco can do on twitter;

– Spread the latest news about the company, inform the profits, the awards and the achievements.
– Tell about new products and new updates new releases of products.
– Engaging in small conversations with domain related experts and big-shots which may give you the edge of recognition.
– Provide customer care, this applies to most of the telco’s with services such as mobile operators.

For a telco twitter is a very important place, everyone who has a say on the industry have twitter accounts and the people who have the influence are also active on twitter (this includes CEOs, Bloggers, Writers and other researchers etc.). So this is probably the best place to get things corrected or messed up.

There are various ways which can be used. If you are a huge company you just need to setup your account and the related people will start following you if you have the correct content.

But if you are a small company it’s very difficult to get people to follow you unless you follow them.
many have the tendency to follow back if the follower seems to have some value for them (i-follow-back). ah… make sure that you follow the correct people, the people who has the influence. Finding the correct people is not that difficult with twitter if you have the correct keywords and the names. Make sure to follow back as long as the follower is a foreseeable stakeholder.

You can try to create a trend for your product or company. which is not that very easy. But if you have enough followers you may be able to do that. Not worldwide I guess, or if that can be achieved that would be great.

Some Cases and Examples:

When Murali retired his fans spammed twitter with #murali to make him a trend which actually took him to the top which was quite amazing. This was achieved mostly because of the Sri Lankan twitters who got together in this. (I, myself spammed quite a lot :D)

On the topic of Customer Care, in our region I first noticed Maxis Malaysia(@maxiscomms) doing a good job with organizing events, awards and informing the CSR stuff intermingled with the customer care.

Looking at Sri Lankan players, very recently dialog(@dialoglk) started to give some CC + other stuff (much better than their standard cc, which really sucks despite the new TV advertisements :P) which was then followed by Mobitel(@MobitelSriLanka) very recently with other operators falling behind with only the twitter account with no updates(e.g @EtisalatSL). Top two are also following the i-follow-back method I talked about earlier.

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