Social Networking, Before Bed

Social networking, whether you like it or not has become a big part in our lives nowadays. Basically everyone is onto it. In my case, my whole family is on facebook; which explains to what extent it has affected me. So sometimes I have to be selective on what I say on Facebook as my mom’s watching me.

My Personal view is that Social Networking nowadays have gone bit more further than where it should have gone. Anyways..

Inspired by the this article on social networking becoming a nightly routine, I decided to have my own poll on social networking habits before you sleep and come up with answers. Hope you guys will help me on this.

Credits: to the tweet by @InduNan

2 thoughts on “Social Networking, Before Bed

  1. Social media is not so bad. it is yet another tool which you can either misuse or use for benefit. what you reap is what you harvest. so i think social media teach us where to separate the personal life from public life.
    n personally i feel posting something in a social network is similar to setting up your status message in a chat client in the old days.
    noting to be so serious just don't publish personal stuff in public space. šŸ˜‰


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