Manage your twitter account with Tweeter Karma

If you do some study on twitter what they say is that you need to have more followers than the amount you are following, which is not practical to a common twitter user like me (except for celebrities). But, at least if you want to keep the gap closer you can use the Tweeter Karma tool.

Forget about all the socio-technical stuff and think about a organized and clean twitter account and still this is the tool for you.

Twitter Karma

There is not much to explain about the process once you login to the website you can basically press ‘wack’ to start managing your twitter account. Also some of you may already be knowing about the tool who will be able to give the readers more insight in to using the tool.

Twitter Auth

You can login to from Tweeter Karma page with twitter (Twitter’s OAuth) and once you allow the connect access you can press ‘Wack’ button on the page to get the related information.

This shows you the list of all the related users with your account and shows whether you and the related users are both following each other or whter you are only following or whether only the user is following you. You can basically follow the users you have missed to follow back and unfollow the users who you do not foresee as followers or the followers whom you do not have any use of following them.

Karma List

This new year why don’t you also cleanup your twitter account and wish all of you a cheery new year!

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