Social Networking and Valentines

If you’ve been having a look at different variants of the Social Media Revolution video on YouTube you may have seen the fact that “1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. met via Social Media” and most of them via Facebook. These figures may be much higher by now as the videos were done sometime back, whereas similar patterns are appearing elsewhere in the world as well. For example last year out of the few wedding ceremonies I have participated two of the couples have met over Facebook which makes my statistic also greater than 1 in 8.

Few Social Media Revolution Videos

It’s one of the most amazing things to hear that the wedding thanking speech includes a special thanking note to Mark Zuckerberg for getting the couple together.

Social Media gives the opportunity to identify people with similar tastes as their walls, profiles and updates will reflect what sort of a person you are looking at. Since you have a good network there is room to get new people into your network. For example you reach a Friend of a Friend, with the opportunity to get the interested information from your friend, which elaborates the beauty of networking. This applies not only to finding a partner but to do so many other things.

Examples like a corporate, finding employees through references via Linkedin or getting a business via a referral may sound more interesting to some of you.

Of course there have been many misconducts happening over social media, but the success stories are more compared to those. In most of these scenarios the person has been a complete stranger, and no analysis into the person has been done. (wild guess or a blind date).

You can have a laugh watching this, May be this has some similarities with you 🙂

The other most important fact is that 1 out of 5 divorces in the US are also because of Facebook which leads to another marriage ultimately because of Facebook 😀

Word of advice on the Valentine’s Day from me; Choose wisely, use the tools available. Make everyday a Valentine’s Day not only the 14th of February.

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