Cricketers on Twitter

Cricket world cup is started and everyone over here is shivering with the cricket fever. So I also decided to do some digging on the cricketers who are on Twitter. Many cricketers are using twitter as a tool to market themselves which is seen mostly with the Indian cricketers and they do make statements on twitter that really goes to the public.

Examples being the Randiv, Sehwag No Ball incident where Sehwag made randiv the culprit using just one tweet no one even bothered to see the other side of th story and believed the social media and the online anti Randiv campaigns. Which emphasizes  the incorrect usage of Social Media can really send the bad information to people.

The other incident which is ralated with twitter is the “Kevin Pietersen Twitter rant” where Pietersen (@kevinpp24) has used the “F” word to tweet the dissapointment of his drop-off. He immediately took that off and later announced that it was a direct message which was tweeted mistakenly 🙂

Cricketers on Twitter

Picture from: Guardian

From the searches I made I found only a handful of Sri Lankan cricketers with Twitter accounts none of the accounts seems to be updating and may be not real as well. Out of the lot Sanath Jayasuriya has a twitter page which is the most updated one and I’m not 100% sure whether it’s really him. There are many Kumar Sangakkara’s on twitter most of them were impersonating Kumar and closest I have found is @kumarsangakkara.

Following are some of the lists which I found digging online;

Some More Twitter Links about Aussi Twitter Mis-usage:

Modi’s Twitter Madness, On YouTube:

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