Facebook Timeline, You better be ready

Update: Now the below mentioned feature can be directly activated at https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

Facebook is rolling out a new profile layout with a timeline where you can have all your activities throughout your life listed on you profile where a person can scroll down and understand what a person has done throughout his life span. Sounds a bit dangerous isnt it :D. All the good things and bad things you have done on FB will be available to everyone.  The person you date, your employer and you name them.

Official Facebook Video – YouTube

How to get the preview of the new timeline feature is available all over google and a post on Facebook Timeline by Indu Nanayakkara has a good collection on information about the new profile layout.

How to preview the new feature – YouTube

whether you like it or not you will be forced to move to this in the near future. So you better know what to share on your timeline and what not to share. best is to get the feature while the others don’t see it and tweak your profile to suit your needs. You can even add the events which happened even before joining facebook, whether it’s good or bad still it will make a comprehensive timeline.

Facebook is planning to launch the new feature very soon and this is the official facebook link on the Timeline feature: https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

Facebook Blog talking about the time line;

My New Profile 😀

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