Who has the best mobile broadband service?

Hutch has come up with 3G also, so everyone is in the game now 🙂 and it’s good for the Sri Lankan consumer as there is more competition.

Checkout the prices of dongles and data plans;

  • Dongle price is comparatively high but there is news that you can use the same device to make calls, but that is not big news. These types of embedded stuff always fail as they lack the portability across different operating systems and within different versions of the same operating system (E.g. Windows 7 and Windows XP).
  • Packages are also priced according to the market prices.

I really can not understand how they are going to distinguish them self. You can say good quality of service, but will u expect customers to trust an operator who is not known to have the best 2.x G network to be good with 3G…?

Prove me wrong guys..

People always complain irrespective of the service provider. There are so many culprits Location, Dongle, Coverage, Number of Users. But no one says that they get a good service. TRC has their own calculations and they rate the operators with their limited knowledge.

What do you really think about this…?

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