Twitter outage and the aftershocks

Few days back I thought I was the only one who can’t access twitter. And tried so many things including DNS changing to anonymous proxies. First I was blaming the ISP’s DNS then it seemed there was something really wrong when Google DNS also failed to resolve twitter.

Horror!! the thing you least expect from one of the prime social networks has really happened. Twitter gone down…

This shows that anything is possible. So be really careful…. What if Google is hacked.? You create all your accounts with your email. Think about that getting compromised. This may  compromise your whole online identity. So we can’t stop the extremes. But still we should take precautions. Have a very strong Gmail password. Enable step 2 verification. And you are safe from the foreseeable threats, at least!

Mashable: How Much Data Is Created Every Minute? [INFOGRAPHIC]

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