Good time to get sick….

This was shown at the entrance of the Durdans Hospital, Sri Lanka

They have offers for you to get sick and pay in installments if you have a credit card from sampath bank. But you have to get sick while the offer is available……. What a lame advertisement 😀

HSBC on the other hand has another offer going on. When I paid my bill I actually got 10% off from my bill…. Nice bill shock as I did not know about that until I paid and only saw the banner behind later.


One thought on “Good time to get sick….

  1. Beleive me definetly youll get sick,when HSBC starts charging their various kind of charges on credit card.But on the other hand sampath charge only four charges.No hidden charges as in HSBC Cards.You may correct that Sampath offer will be valied for short period of time.but utilizing HSBC youll will get sick


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