University crisis in Sri Lanka

I’m not into politics or I have no intention to even look at it. Still after coming through a wonderful education system I feel I should raise my voice looking at the things which are happening now. Here are the few things I have to say about this;

  • Universities are closed

OK… lecturers are not getting paid enough but, is it really fair to keep on striking? that is a question you have to answer. We have had something going through the university system which had halted the progress. External politics coming into student politics, some groups striking, or some other mysterious reason closes the universities. Is this really because of them or someone not taking the proper action to stop them and making them go from bad to worse…..?

  • Private Universities

If these are just unloading useless graduates to the system that will definitely ruin everything degrading the value of all the graduates. But if these are helping the student who just fell behind to show their colours and fill the “bucket of educated” that is good as far as I see. Money is not health, wealth or wisdom. If money takes the first place that will only have the last place in the queue. I see that happening to some of the graduates who come out of certain institutes, these are words coming through experience. But I have seen very good graduates as well…

  • Student Politics

This is really good and this helps to develop proper leadership growth in students. But don’t get the non-university politics into that. That is wrong and students are not fighting their battles, just being puppets of someone else.

Graduates getting proper treatment
Graduates getting proper treatment
Taken from Facebook – Click Image for URL
  • Medical Doctors/Students Striking/Protesting

All this private university matters come with medicine only and there are more than enough other institutes for the other streams but no one shouts no one complains.

My personal opinion is that they only strike looking at their purse/wallet only.Compared to other government employees they are paid well enough and don’t forget about the private practice…. and other sources of income. Medical college students come out protesting only when there is a private medical college is coming, they never stand-up for the general university matters, which is something I noticed for a long time. They never worry about the innocent patients. This is unfortunate because they are playing with our lives and our money.

  • Mahapola and the living standards of the students

What can you do with the 2500 you get for mahapola I was getting the same amount 5 years ago when I was in university. With the current living costs parents really struggle to help their children who go to university. When I see a university student I see malnutrition and depression, they are the best gang of young men and women in this county but why is this happening…??

State of Mahapola
State of Mahapola
Taken from Facebook – Click Image for URL
  • Z-Score and A/L’s

Oh god! what is wrong with these people… This is just a simple math calculation. One student goes and files a case and millions suffer because of that.. Why not have a proper established mechanism which is fair in general. No one should go to courts and question as they know what they are getting…

Seriously when someone prepares a paper isn’t there anyone to check and may be even to attempt the given questions and see whether they are correct and can be completed in the given time? This is so unbelievable..

This is how many peopole on facebook see the ministry of education on Facebook

Ministry of Education - As seen by groups on Facebook
Ministry of Education – As seen by groups on Facebook
Taken from Facebook – Click Image for URL


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