Dialog Robbing Subscribers

After few harsh Tweets I was contacted by a nicer person who ultimately confirmed on waiving off the rentals. It was nice, yet I wouldn’t have needed to go this far. I still feel for the others who may have got affected. All I can do is keep others informed and hope for a fair world!

I do take care of small things in my family business apart from my standard job. While I was going through the bills I noticed that there were few numbers which are getting charged for PRBT which is a ring-back-tone service operated by dialog. I am quite sure that none of them had any ring back tones playing when I called them and the other thing is one of the numbers was my wife’s and she has no idea of mobile service activation. She is 100% sure that she didn’t. Again the same story with the other number also.

Then I called customer care and asked how this could happen. Answer was a hilarious one. She was telling me that it would have got activated accidentally by clicking on one of the spam SMSs which dialog sends or by pressing a key of an outbound calling campaign. Two accidents? Can’t be dialog….

Seems you are strategically robbing your consumers. How can you get a person subscribed to a service without their consent? I’m quite sure this is not legal also.

When I requested to get the information how this got activated the customer care agent refused to give that information as per her they are not available in their system, all that she can give is the activation date which is in January this year for my wife’s connection. So you have robbed us for eight months now….

As a telecom engineer I’m quite sure that this information is available with the operator and they are legally obliged also in some cases. So I wanted to speak to her manager and seems her junior had told her everything yet she acted as if she doesn’t know. She also was insisting it was an accident. Yet she agreed to give the information. After some time the response was that the system is not available and there is an upgrade happening.. She promised to come back within the day if not next day….

System upgrade happening for days? Are u serious…? These are the days operators are talking about five nines availability and you tell me this and want me to believe that…? OK, for a moment I will believe that…

What about the common man. They will keep on paying without knowing… Even if they know that they are being looted still they will not know how to disable it. This unfair and unjust in so many ways and the TRC should look in to these.

– Getting people subscribed fraudulently
– Charged yet no service provided
– Not providing the consumer with information

These are really crappy stuff by an operator.

Two days later(Today) I get a call saying that Dialog has sent the numbers an SMS or an Outbound call saying that you are automatically subscribed free of charge for 30 days and they have sent reminders also that the number will be charged.

Wow nice explanation. I demanded to take off them from my bill. Any kid can understand that is unfair. I felt really bad for shouting at the customer care agent yet felt really good about raising my voice.

Seriously people need MNP so that they can have a uniform number irrespective of the network. I am now considering taking off the numbers with dialog if they are not providing me a good answer… (No hard feelings but someone needs to protest)

Last option tweeting to dialog and hope at least they do something about this… This is not about me… I have already paid those bills. What about the others who are being robbed…?

3 thoughts on “Dialog Robbing Subscribers

  1. Happened to me also few months back. With some kind of Content selling system. They were sending Spam SMSs linking to a SLT number and with a link. According to the CC agent, the service has got activated because I open the link on the SMS. 😦 Then there was a deep conversation with few Calling Center agents that ended up with a Senior Officer. They agreed to refund it later.

    This case is not just with Dialog. I think every operator is doing it for VAS which has become a major revenue stream for mobile operators since few years.

    But this is surely stealing. When they get subscriptions, there should be two CLEAR buttons. saying “Charge me, Subscribe” and “I don’t want, Cancel”


  2. Well this is same as Mobitel MTUNE service (service, u kidding me??? ). Most of the mobile operators are doing this bloody trick, as TRCSL as still sleeping. People should raise there voice against those unfairness. Good article mate… !!!


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