Enjoy but preserve Sri Lanka

Recently I visited “Dalada Maligawa” or the temple of tooth which is one of the most sacred and pictures locations in Sri Lanka.

Of course this is a regular place we Sri Lankans visit. But for many foreigners who come here this is a location to take pictures and keep as this will most likely be their few visits to the location.

I noticed that many were flashing at the ancient paintings and I brought it to the attention of one of the tourist groups and more than them the local guide got annoyed and wanted to argue with me. But being at such a sacred place I didn’t want to let my anger lose and never spoke a word.

But now I want to tell the entire world….. Take pictures but leave it for the future also.

So just turn off the flash and use your camera. Today’s DSLRs and standard cameras can operate with no flash. Also the fact that every monkey with a DSLR are consider them as pro photographer has contributed to this.

Stupid tourist guides just do anything for money and don’t think of the sustainability. They will not have anything to show to the tourists if they behave like this. Also if you are visiting Sri Lanka please keep this in mind.

I’m really amazed why non of the responsible authority or the government has taken any steps to prevent such activities. At least to educate the tourist guides….

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