Ingress Must Haves

I started playing ingress some time back and had very few portals and very few playing to give any sort of fight. But not there is a whole bunch playing and I have a lot catch second time around.

For all of you who have no idea about ingress it’s too bad (It’s from Google itself and it is an augmented reality game) and you can Google it if you want more information 🙂

And you should support the resistance to save the world from the so called enlightened who are trying to infect this world!

For the starters following may well be useful. 

  • Better Intel Map (IITC) – I Really didn’t like this… and this is against the terms and conditions of the game and you can get banned at anytime for doing this. But those are very rare incidents and you can always get you account back after crying to NIA for a while.  (Updated: Don’t ever use this. +NIA Ops are really going after people who use this. You get banned without a warning and no re-activation)

Calculates the maximum possible distance between 2 portals depending on the resonator levels. More++

This will notify new passcode as and when they are found and automatically copy new passcode, all you have to do is go to the game and paste.

Shares Passcode (Update: Not that good anymore)

Shares Passcode

Ingress Portal Attack Simulator – Name tells all 🙂

Integrates and enables you to keep different timers


If you have more information which may be useful please comment. I will update the post with proper credits 🙂

Update: If you become a part of the local community then you can get more information and access to things such as pass-codes. But this changes from community to community and faction to faction.

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