Review: New Vodafone AU $50 Red Plan

Well as soon as I arrived in Oz I went with two MVNOs and learnt that cheaper they are the crappier.  (Lebara and Lycamobile)

So I went in search of different plans and being a Sri Lankan the recommended plan from most of the people living here was the $50 Vodafone Red Sim Only plan since I already had the phone and the main advantages of this package was;

  • 300 Minutes of International calls to ANY country where as the others offered the minutes but they were limited to selected countries which did not include Sri Lanka
  • Unlimited local calls to any number
  • Unlimited TXT and PXT (SMS and MMS) Local and International
  • 3GB of data

I guess I was happy with this and ended up getting the same connection for $35 as I added more connections under my name.

Adding a shared plan added 1GB to my plan and also I could share everything I had with my wife for another A$30

But now they have made some changes to the plans and I’m using the current plan they offer for the same price as the comparison to make my recommendation on this plan;

  • 4GB of data for mobile internet
    • This value tend to change depending on the situation so not a winner or looser. I have 5GB now!
    • 0 Marks
  • Infinite standard calls anytime to any network in Australia (excludes special numbers)
    • No Change
    • 0 Marks
  • Infinite standard TXT & PXT anytime here & to overseas (excludes special numbers & service
    • No Change
    • 0 Marks
  • Infinite standard international calls to 10 destinations
    • New but no Sri Lanka | Includes: China, India, USA, UK, NZ, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and South Korea
    • 0 Marks
  • 90 standard international minutes to selected countries
    • I had 300 and now it’s 90
    • -1 Marks
  • Addition of a shared plan adds 500MB
    • This was 1GB previously
    • -1 Marks

Final Recommendation:

So for the Sri Lankans the new plan scores -2 compared to the previous plan. But still other operators don’t include Sri Lanka (E.g. Optus) so still this is an ok plan for the Sri Lankan migrants but not the same as it used to be!

I guess it’s time Vodafone thinks about infinite minutes to Sri Lanka also. Most of the Sri Lankans are on OTT now (Viber, Whatsapp, etc.) so the free minutes can be compensated with data. But then the advantage of having almost all the Sri Lankans with Vodafone will diminish for Vodafone.

I hope the old plans continue to receive the same minutes 🙂

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