Domain management for Dummies :P

When an ordinary person like me purchases a domain there is a auto-renew option we can enable.  So for example when you buy the domain for two years, at the end of the two years the subscription renews by deducting that from your PayPal or the credit card.

But there seems to be exceptions when it comes to tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Amazing isn’t it.

Here’s a situation in 2011 where Microsoft forgot to renew and the person who has bought it has returned it to them with no charge!

This person has actually bought through Google itself, which is more amazing than the Microsoft situation. Guy who bought the domain being a Google salve again got them out of jail as there were no issues apart from the guy getting barging rights to say that he owned Google for a short period.

So it’s not a bad idea to keep on searching for popular domain names. Who knows you may get lucky. I would suggest that you wont return that for free because you own that domain and it’s their god damn mistake not to protect their domain.

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