Sri Lankan TV Live on YouTube

YouTube introduced live streaming recently and it’s very refreshing to see the Sri Lankan TV channels have taken steps to make their live streams available through that. It is a bit disappointing to see that the Aussie TV channels have not gone to the same extent, of course there may be licensing issues in terms of showing the content over different channels. It may well be another battle the SL TV channels have to fight in another day!

But in the meantime, expats like me can watch them either on a Smart TV or on Chromecast or similar TV sticks.

I’m listing down the list of YouTube streams as well as non-YouTube streams for the benefit of expats like me and even for the locals.


  1. Derana TV
  2. Sirasa TV
  3. TNL
  4. Siyatha TV
  5. Swarnavahini

Other (If you are using chrome you can cast the tab on full screen to your Chromecast, as expected it is a bit slow)

  1. Rupawahini
  2. ITN
  3. Hiru TV
  4. Buddhist TV

I will be updating the links as and when they are updated and when I come across new stuff.

Find below the embeds of the YouTube content for your convenience. You can directly send these to your Chromecast or the Smart TV.


Derana TV

Sirasa TV



Siyatha TV

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