Oh! I Love Microsoft Sales Support :P

Well I compared the available cloud storage solutions going around and surprisingly I found that Microsoft OneDrive is the optimal solution for someone like me who’s looking for a storage around 200GB to 500GB.

  • If you take google drive you have 100GB for 1.99 USD and then the 1TB for 9.99 USD (I couldn’t find an AUD option so I’m still using the USD priced verion)
  • OneDrive has 100GB for 2 AUD and 200GB for 4 AUD and the 9 AUD gives 1TB and includes office 365 for free which sounds like the best bargain for me.
  • Dropbox has 1TB for 12.99 AUD

All of them have similar features for a regular user like me and I selected so for me OneDrive looks promising well after the comparison I waned to purchase and when I search for the Microsoft Australia pricing and click purchase I was send to a payment page where the country was selected as USA and I can’t change that. Later after googling I found a link which showed country wise links which had the correct links. I didn’t go ahead with the purchase initially as I wanted to select a plan and then came later to purchase. I forgot where I found the link and a popup came with a Tech Support gentleman and it was an utter waste of money where I ended up searching again and training them about their product.

Customer care gods never are happy with me so I get the chance to share these stories with you.

Update: now they seems to have fixed the flow in their system 🙂 happy that I could be of service to Microsoft

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Ubuntu – How to boot into Text mode


This post is a re-blog of what I felt would be useful for some. I wanted to install an Ubuntu 12.10 instance which runs on text mode. The blog mentions on Ubuntu 10 and 11, but this is the same for 12 as well….

Open grub configuration for editing;

$ sudo nano /etc/default/grub

when done save change by pressing ctrl+O (save) and ctrl+X (exit)

Now upgrade grub, type;

$ sudo update-grub

Reboot your computer;

$ sudo rebbot

Now your Ubuntu will boot on text mode

SSH to EC2 Instance

I have been working with AWS (Amazon Web Services) with EC2 (Elastic Computing) instances (Cloud Instances). I had some trouble connecting to them. So I thought of sharing how you could do this in few easy ways.

At the point of creating the instance you can associate an existing key pair or can create one for you. When you create the key file your key will automatically start downloading. Keep that safe and use it to connect. This will have the “pem” extension. Let’s say the file is AWS.pem
  • Linux Shell

This is the easiest way as long as you are on linux or cygwin on windows. Assuming you are connecting to an Ubuntu Server instance.

# using a google IP for demonstration purposes

# Using Elastic IP
ssh -i AWS.pem ubuntu@

# Using Public DNS
ssh -i AWS.pem ubuntu@ec2-173-194-38-191.us-west-2.compute.amazonaws.com
  • Using Putty

Pinehead has a nice video explaining everything about using Putty. Only difference is the user name is root. For ubuntu server you can’t connect as root. It’s always “sudo” after connecting using the user “ubuntu”


  • Other

Other commercial tools such as XShell which provides free access for non-commercial/personal/student basis have the support built-in. You can just select the keyfile to use when connecting with the user:ubuntu/root and the Elastic IP/Public DNS

Good time to get sick….

This was shown at the entrance of the Durdans Hospital, Sri Lanka

They have offers for you to get sick and pay in installments if you have a credit card from sampath bank. But you have to get sick while the offer is available……. What a lame advertisement 😀

HSBC on the other hand has another offer going on. When I paid my bill I actually got 10% off from my bill…. Nice bill shock as I did not know about that until I paid and only saw the banner behind later.

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Loss of an amazing human being

News which is spreading all around the world today is the death of one of the greatest innovators, Steve Jobs.

If you are looking at getting your life sorted out and getting it straightened you need to have a look at how this person lived his comparatively short life.

I will never be a fan of the closed apple ways of doing things. But I will always be admiring how Jobs brought apple to this place, How he innovated, how he made apple a force that all the giants wanted to beat. Mr. Jobs, fail well and innovation will miss you.
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