Google Play – Top Apps for 25 Cents (75% Off)

Google play has hit the 25 Billion Downloads landmark and to salute the millions of Android users they have the 75% off sale (You get the apps at $0.25) 🙂

This has the daily list of applications >>

You can find the same from the Google Play App (Showing 29th Sep 2012 List)

75% off on the Android Market
75% off on the Android Market

List on the 29th
List on the 29th

Poor me cz I bought TuneIn Radio few days ago and it went on sale… 😦 ($0.99 -> $0.25)


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Blogger app available for Android in SL

There are wordpress fans and also blogger fans. WordPress guys have enjoyed having the Android application for some time now.

But even though the blogger app was available it was not enabled for our region. I even tried from Thailand still it was not enabled for them also.

Since few days I noticed that it’s available via the official channel, the ‘Google play store’ . So good news for all blogger fans. That’s if you have an un-rooted android like mine.

If you have a rooted device simply install the market enabler app and fake your carrier to be a US one and you can do anything 🙂 no need to wait…

Ah! Forgot to mention that this was also a mobile post 🙂

Skype and Paid Apps on Android in Restricted Markets.

Skype and Paid Apps on Android in Restricted Markets.

Ever since Android came to the scene I have been closely following its progress yet unfortunately have not been able to become a proud owner of an Android device because of the high price. So whenever I get my hands on one I would try to explore as much as possible. One of the main issues with countries like Sri Lanka is that paid apps are not supported by the Android Market.

Also the application developers can decide the markets which their products should be appearing. Skype has allowed only few of the countries excluding Sri Lanka and most of the others, which is quite unfair as far as I see. If you are a tech savvy person of course there are ways to hack and bypass these things. But what I’m going to tell you are some easy ways I have found playing with the devices;

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