Mobile Number Portability (MNP) against Number Recycling

Recently some of the mobile operators have started recycling their numbers where the numbers which has not been used for sometime are being issued to other customers even without informing the previous owner,which I don’t see as a very good practice.

Seems like my old number also is issued to someone else and the guy who owns that is has become a nuisance to the people who have called to that number thinking that it was me.

So rather than doing such things, why not introduce the portability which many of the people are talking about these days. There was some buzz that this is coming, but seems like it will take longer in the typical Sri Lankan manner. But it’s sooner the better we get these things in place.

What MNP or Mobile Number Portability means you can have the same number irrespective of the package you are using and irrespective of the network you are using.
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