Blogger Dynamic Views Vs Classic Views

I will always be a WordPress fan for what they offer with the hosted solution. Yet to have simplicity and ease of not having to host I decided to go for blogger, with the aid of the android app which was made available for this region recently.

I noticed that there was a new layout with blogger which was introduced recently and thought of giving a try for that. Within few days I noticed loads of drawbacks forcing me to revert to an older layout.

YouTube video about dynamic views

Issues I came across are the following;

  • No SEO as usual, Everything is in one page.
  • Same template(you can only change the colours) and no layout change, so you are not distinguished much from the millions of other users who use this.
  • Adsense support is available, but……. what you enable doesn’t apply, they do it the way that they want to do.
  • Everything is generated dynamically and I doubt whether the search engines will have the capability detect the content
  • When you share using social sharing services there is nothing available to be grabbed from the post (e.g. Facebook sharing) so sharing becomes difficult.

All I see is bad and no good 😦

Hope these will aid you guys to make your own decision if you are using blogger.