Get rid of Annoying Facebook Notifcations from Google Chrome

When Facebook offered me to have the notifications turned on for the chrome browser it felt like a cool idea. I did really have fun with it.

But since my PC is shared with my wife things got very confusing when she turned on notifications for her Chrome user. I think it’s a bug in chrome where notification for the inactive users are also shown. When I click on the notification it actually opens a tab from the other chrome user and opens the other user’s Facebook account. This is confusing and also against the main rules of privacy. I guess not even I need to know what’s happening in my wife’s Facebook account.

So here’s the solution I Googled, which is a simple change of settings.

  • Open the Google Chrome Settings page, at the top right > Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Show advanced settings.
  • Under Privacy, click Content settings.
  • Scroll down to Notifications.


  • Select exceptions, there should be an entry for Facebook and it should say allowed. Change it to blocked (Don’t delete the entry. It will prompt the users again whether to have notifications).


  • If you have more than one Chrome users you need to do this for each user.

Congratulations! you have no more harassment with Facebook notifications on Google Chrome!

Facebook Timeline, You better be ready

Update: Now the below mentioned feature can be directly activated at

Facebook is rolling out a new profile layout with a timeline where you can have all your activities throughout your life listed on you profile where a person can scroll down and understand what a person has done throughout his life span. Sounds a bit dangerous isnt it :D. All the good things and bad things you have done on FB will be available to everyone.  The person you date, your employer and you name them.

Official Facebook Video – YouTube

How to get the preview of the new timeline feature is available all over google and a post on Facebook Timeline by Indu Nanayakkara has a good collection on information about the new profile layout.
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Social Networking and Valentines

If you’ve been having a look at different variants of the Social Media Revolution video on YouTube you may have seen the fact that “1 out of 8 couples married in the U.S. met via Social Media” and most of them via Facebook. These figures may be much higher by now as the videos were done sometime back, whereas similar patterns are appearing elsewhere in the world as well. For example last year out of the few wedding ceremonies I have participated two of the couples have met over Facebook which makes my statistic also greater than 1 in 8.
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Top External Widgets that kill your website

Venura9’s blog which is runing on wordpress started getting slow all of a sudden and I was digging all over the internet to find solutions. Most of the time the contents do appear reasonalbaly quickly  yet the page is not loaded completely.

If you are not aware, Google actually considers the loading time of a website as a page rank parameter. The accepted value is only known by the Google Crawler only. So lower the loading time the higher chance of getting a better page rank.

So the first thing I did was blaming the webhost as any of us would do because they do have the effect most of the time when you are using shared hosting. But thinking rationally there are many things you can do to improve. So the first step was to do a all-round WordPress optimization which gave me about 1 to 2 second improvement yet I had about 10 more seconds to reduce unfortunately. Google Digging strted and actually I found-out that google who ranks website on speed actually is one of the number one speed killers and the social widgets and commenting platforms not far behind.

So I decided to do my own analysis. For this analysis I used the Inspect Element (Inspect Element -> Network)feature which is available with Google Chrome, which lists down the loaded elements with the time taken.

Here goes the top list and the remedies I have taken to resolve that. Of course you can’t take off everything but you need to strike a balance. Continue reading “Top External Widgets that kill your website”