iOS 9 first impressions…




I was a bit hesitant to update to the new iOS 9 as soon as it came out. But being a curious cat I just couldn’t resist getting killed.

And yes it was buggy as expected. Fonts seems to be a bit different with the simple letter recognising stock keyboard. Of course I did like the multitasking feature which enables a right edge swipe to left pull out a side menu which enables you to sneak peak the Twitter app or your email for example. Also the mail app has become more usable with one drive and iCloud attachment capability. Await more additions to the list of features I fall in love as an update to this post

But yes it seems to be bit laggy and I tried the steps in the following link;

Additionally I did turn off Siri which I hardly use and didn’t turnoff the background refresh which will kill the experience. Well it did make the device faster but… The keypad effects were gone in some of the apps. Specially the Google search app which must be the mostly used application by me. Then playing around with the settings my finding was that you need to turn Siri off for Spotlight which gives a balanced performance for my iPad mini 3 cellular. I don’t know how it behaves on other iOS devices and I welcome comments about the other devices.

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