Sri Lanka Telecom: Increase the data quota given for ADSL Connections

SLT Broadband Don't Cheat the Customers

Today the software and the devices we use are more data intensive and the amount of data they are using is quite high.

SLT or Sri Lanka Telecom forced users like me to chance to a connection which provides higher data speeds,yet having a Fair Usage Policy Quota by making the previous connection very slow.

But now this quota is proving to be not enough and needs to be increased if we are to have a proper internet experience.

Youtube, Facebook and all the other commonly used websites now stream all the media in HD. So if you watch a 20 minute video it consumes more than 1GB. How on earth we are supposed to cope with 20GB???

I am a regular internet user who has not downloaded a single torrent in the last month. Yet my speeds are reduced. Is this really Fair??

Join with me to sign the following petition on Change.Org and force SLT to be more customer focused than being just another ISP.

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