GoogleTalk status always showing as Available even after sign out

GoogleTalk status always showing as ‘Available’ even after sign out seems to be a problem with many users, where they were shown online to buddies even after they have sign out from all possible GoogleTalk logins. All the cases have been reported after logging in to GoogleTalk from third party mobile clients. (worst is eBuddy)

Reasons may be that the mobile data connections get interrupted and are with connectivity spikes very often due to the mobility factor. Some bug in the client causes the connection not to be closed properly. I’m not a XMPP/Jabber guru but if you dig a bit more you might find the reason.

My case was with the official IM client by Nokia. The client stopped working all-of-a-sudden and I was having conversations on this over twitter with @nokiamessaging which then they fixed and just after fixing that this issue came up, which is quite normal I can very well understand that as a developer. I never though that this happens with Nokia also :D. So I had to start the conversation again with @nokiamessaging which they then transfered to @NokiaHelps on twitter which accepted that it was their bug(this may also be because of a bug with GoogleTalk). Suggested solution for me was to contact Nokia support which was unfortunately was not available for Sri Lanka. I was suggested some resources online while they look for support options for me which actually I have not received a reply so far.
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Facebook Chat Through Jabber (XMPP)

Now you can login to Facebook chat from your own IM client through XMPP/Jabber. This was announced on their blog on the 11th of February 2010

So now you do not need special plug-ins to connect to Facebook chat in IM clients like Pidgin and Adium. Just use the following settings.

These are the settings I used with pidgin successfully;

  • Add a new XMPP account with your Facebook user name and password.
  • The domain should be
  • From the advanced tab uncheck Require SSL/TLS

You are now ready to use Facebook chat with Pidgin, similarly you can use any other IM client that supports XMPP/Jabber. This is not only for your PC or Mac, even on your mobile if you have a XMPP/Jabber supported IM client you are ready to go.

Note: These settings will work as a proxy to Facebook chat. Some of the contact management and advanced features of Facebook chat may not work except for the basic IM feature.