Domain management for Dummies :P

When an ordinary person like me purchases a domain there is a auto-renew option we can enable.  So for example when you buy the domain for two years, at the end of the two years the subscription renews by deducting that from your PayPal or the credit card.

But there seems to be exceptions when it comes to tech giants like Google and Microsoft, Amazing isn’t it.

Here’s a situation in 2011 where Microsoft forgot to renew and the person who has bought it has returned it to them with no charge!

This person has actually bought through Google itself, which is more amazing than the Microsoft situation. Guy who bought the domain being a Google salve again got them out of jail as there were no issues apart from the guy getting barging rights to say that he owned Google for a short period.

So it’s not a bad idea to keep on searching for popular domain names. Who knows you may get lucky. I would suggest that you wont return that for free because you own that domain and it’s their god damn mistake not to protect their domain.

Oh! I Love Microsoft Sales Support :P

Well I compared the available cloud storage solutions going around and surprisingly I found that Microsoft OneDrive is the optimal solution for someone like me who’s looking for a storage around 200GB to 500GB.

  • If you take google drive you have 100GB for 1.99 USD and then the 1TB for 9.99 USD (I couldn’t find an AUD option so I’m still using the USD priced verion)
  • OneDrive has 100GB for 2 AUD and 200GB for 4 AUD and the 9 AUD gives 1TB and includes office 365 for free which sounds like the best bargain for me.
  • Dropbox has 1TB for 12.99 AUD

All of them have similar features for a regular user like me and I selected so for me OneDrive looks promising well after the comparison I waned to purchase and when I search for the Microsoft Australia pricing and click purchase I was send to a payment page where the country was selected as USA and I can’t change that. Later after googling I found a link which showed country wise links which had the correct links. I didn’t go ahead with the purchase initially as I wanted to select a plan and then came later to purchase. I forgot where I found the link and a popup came with a Tech Support gentleman and it was an utter waste of money where I ended up searching again and training them about their product.

Customer care gods never are happy with me so I get the chance to share these stories with you.

Update: now they seems to have fixed the flow in their system 🙂 happy that I could be of service to Microsoft

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Bing Copying Google

Bing the search engine of Microsoft is Copying Google Search”, the latest few words that everyone is buzzing. Latest post on the Google Blog “Microsoft’s Bing uses Google search results—and denies it” sums up the statement Google is trying to make.

Basically what Google is trying to prove is when a user makes a search for a keyword which is an unlikely keyword, Google will show the most relevant keyword and show the results for that keyword. But in Bing when you are searching the same unlikely keyword you get the result for the closest match  for the unlikely keyword search straightaway which is a sign of copying.

The “torsoraphy” is the keyword which stared the whole buzz, Where google was showing the results for “tarsorrhaphy” which is the closest match where as Bing was showing the same result when you are searching for “torsoraphy” which sounds quite fishy. Then there are various other combinations mentioned in the Google Blog such as “hiybbprqag“, “delhipublicschool40 chdjob” and “juegosdeben1ogrande” where Google has created artificially to point to unrelated search results which were also appearing in Bing Searches for the same keywords.

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