Review: New Vodafone AU $50 Red Plan

Well as soon as I arrived in Oz I went with two MVNOs and learnt that cheaper they are the crappier.  (Lebara and Lycamobile)

So I went in search of different plans and being a Sri Lankan the recommended plan from most of the people living here was the $50 Vodafone Red Sim Only plan since I already had the phone and the main advantages of this package was;

  • 300 Minutes of International calls to ANY country where as the others offered the minutes but they were limited to selected countries which did not include Sri Lanka
  • Unlimited local calls to any number
  • Unlimited TXT and PXT (SMS and MMS) Local and International
  • 3GB of data

I guess I was happy with this and ended up getting the same connection for $35 as I added more connections under my name.

Adding a shared plan added 1GB to my plan and also I could share everything I had with my wife for another A$30

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Randoms in December

Some Random Stuff for you pleasure 🙂

Old is Gold

This collection has the most outrageous mobile advertisements of the 80s and 90s. You can have a good laugh having a look at those.

Collection of vintage mobile commercials from

Some Apple Jokes:

532267_467802159928235_279142956_nApple CEO

Image are taken from Facebook shares..

Robin Keeping Bat Cave a Secret 🙂

Bat Cave

Google Play – Top Apps for 25 Cents (75% Off)

Google play has hit the 25 Billion Downloads landmark and to salute the millions of Android users they have the 75% off sale (You get the apps at $0.25) 🙂

This has the daily list of applications >>

You can find the same from the Google Play App (Showing 29th Sep 2012 List)

75% off on the Android Market
75% off on the Android Market

List on the 29th
List on the 29th

Poor me cz I bought TuneIn Radio few days ago and it went on sale… 😦 ($0.99 -> $0.25)


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What happened to MNP in Sri Lanka..

When I see the crappy service provided by my existing mobile service provider, I always feel like shifting. But…. I need this number, because everyone has this 😥

So MNP or Mobile Number Portability which enables you to switch operators without changing the number has become a valid requirement.

TRC SL had plans for this and I really don’t know why it’s not happening now. Many countries have done this including India. Why not us?

There have bee many initiatives taken for this but things are moving pretty slow and I feel that the major players may be behind this in the fear of loosing market share. But really,better the service the more customers you get 😉

I have been going after the MNP for sometime now and you can read one of my posts on MNP on to gain a bit more understanding.

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) against Number Recycling

Recently some of the mobile operators have started recycling their numbers where the numbers which has not been used for sometime are being issued to other customers even without informing the previous owner,which I don’t see as a very good practice.

Seems like my old number also is issued to someone else and the guy who owns that is has become a nuisance to the people who have called to that number thinking that it was me.

So rather than doing such things, why not introduce the portability which many of the people are talking about these days. There was some buzz that this is coming, but seems like it will take longer in the typical Sri Lankan manner. But it’s sooner the better we get these things in place.

What MNP or Mobile Number Portability means you can have the same number irrespective of the package you are using and irrespective of the network you are using.
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