Trust on Mobile Operators

Back-to-back blogs today…

This is just a picture I took at the university and I’m trying to give an interpretation to my observation.

Two guys trying to sell a product of a certain mobile operator and they are using numbers belonging to two rival operators.

  • Reason 1: These guys don’t really believe in what they are going to sell (No.. Can’t be… :P)
  • Reason 2: These two guys are trying to attract the users only from the rival operators and they want those guys to rach them easlity so that’s the reason to use rival numbers (does this sound a bit LAME no way… :P)

Have a look and enjoy… Picture is bulky so will take some time to load….
What do you think….? (Location: )

Special Package

Twitter and Telco Companies

For sometime now, I wanted to have a look at twitter in a different perspective. People use twitter in different ways and for different things these days. In this post I’m looking at Twitter in my interested domain ‘Telecommunications’.

All the telecommunication related companies have their twitter account these days. Main reason they have a twitter account is because they want to have the Follow us on Twitter, Facebook ,LinkedIn on their website. Other than that I don’t see many using twitter to advantage.
Following are some of the things a telco can do on twitter;

– Spread the latest news about the company, inform the profits, the awards and the achievements.
– Tell about new products and new updates new releases of products.
– Engaging in small conversations with domain related experts and big-shots which may give you the edge of recognition.
– Provide customer care, this applies to most of the telco’s with services such as mobile operators.
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Though you are subscribed you are not subscribed

Fed days ago I wrote about what happened to me while using the web interface provided by mobitel. Ultimately I went to the mobitel customer care since the m3team didn’t reply and billing cycle was to expire yesterday(02-07-2010).

Due to my busy schedule I never get the chance to visit customer care’s which are open at daytime. I saw something about keeping open 24 hours at mobitel CC but actually was never sure whether it was only the bill payments. but was actually a bit amazed that there were CC representatives available at that time.

As per them even though the web interface shows like that I have not been subscribed …? well lets wait and see. CC service was good but not the supplementary services. It’s time that Sri Lankan companies think more down the line of the quality of the products and services they offer rather than only thinking price all the time. there was no consistency and I was made uncomfortable by their incapable web development company they have selected.

Click on a link and you are subscribed

This time I’m going to share another experience with the Mobitel connection I have started to use recently.
There is this service which is called self care by Mobitel. I created an account, which does not show my current bill (it says that this is a data package. so what?) and I can see the data usage but up to which date?

So much for self care.

Oh! all-of-a-sudden it crashes showing all the information about the GlassFish server they have used and submitting the user information in plain text. Good luck for security!

There was this link which says subscribe to xxx service. Normally clicking on a link would show information about the service you are subscribing and will ask for another confirmation before you are subscribed. As soon as clicking on the link it says “you have subscribed to the xxx service”.
When I go to that link now it says “you are already subscribed” and no way which I found to remove the subscription. I dont have a mobitel connection to make free calls to their customer care which can hardly be reached anyway.

So I decided to send a mail, which I am waiting for a response. I will share the reply (if I get one) with you in my next blog most probably. Let’s see how I’am treated and whether the customer is really the king (anyway this is their problem, no need for the king :P)

The most amazing thing is except for the ill-designed link no other place has the information about the company which developed this system. Well… you will be amazed that, it’s a famous local web development company who is boasting about the government services which they are providing all over their website. God Bless! the ordinary man who pays the taxes and uses theses systems.

Find below my message to Mobitel:
Dear m3team,

I have logged on to the self-care web at
I have accidentally clicked on the subscribe for xxx link which has subscribed me for the service without taking any confirmation from me.

Please remove that subscription as i do not use this service and please take off any charges associated with that as that is your system’s problem of not having a confirmation.

Number xxx-xxxxxxx

Thank You
Venura Athukorala

Mobile BB at war in Sri Lanka

Long time ago when I was just about to leave university there was an unlimited package deal offered by Dialog for students which amazed all of us to go for a dialog Dongle.

So like everyone I also bought one and was complaining about the speeds from the begining and was jealous to hear the speeds the Mobitel consumers enjoyed.

Still I got the dongle for about 5,400 LKR + Package Charges ++ More Charges (Including an unfair pro-rate rental) with 6 months contract with a Huawei E220 with an ineffective operator lock. Which many used with other operators after the contract was over.

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