Good time to get sick….

This was shown at the entrance of the Durdans Hospital, Sri Lanka

They have offers for you to get sick and pay in installments if you have a credit card from sampath bank. But you have to get sick while the offer is available……. What a lame advertisement 😀

HSBC on the other hand has another offer going on. When I paid my bill I actually got 10% off from my bill…. Nice bill shock as I did not know about that until I paid and only saw the banner behind later.

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Prepaid Debit Card – Sampath Web Card

I don’t exactly like to keep a credit card because that will drain my wealth without even telling me. I have seen this happening to many of my friends. This plus the fear of internet fraud has kept me away from buying a credit. So I Googled for various options and found out this solution which is the Sampath Web Card.

Sampath Web Card which is a Prepaid debit card where you can top-up the card from any sampath bank branch. All you have to do is make the payment with the card number as if you are paying for a credit card using a credit card payment slip. Also you can use this with PayPal. You can basically top-up the card up-to about Rs. 100,000 in deposit amounts in 2.5k, 5k, 7.5 and 10k rupees as per the website. But the guy at sampath told that I can deposit in any amounts as long as I use this for genuine purchase purposes. If you have a sampathnet account you can straightaway top-up the card from there after linking the card to the existing account. To check the existing balance either you have to call the cardcenter number which is at the back of the card or you can check it from sampathnet acount if you have that.

Here is the Link on Sampath Web about the Web Card.
Here is the Link to download the sampath web card application.
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