Doing Social Media Right

Every cat and dog is now worried about the social media integration. Perception which people had few years back of having a website is now owned by social media integration. Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare etc. is very common and some seems to be covering loads of miles with the aid of proper social media firms/professionals, where as others fail by going with ametures and doing by themselves.
After spending millions on social media campaigns in the wrong way a company will find that they are not getting the expected output and start complaining at social media without understanding the cause. This will eventually devalue the true social media professionals.

Companies will be hesitant to look at investing on social media campaigns because of their lack of confident and will always go for the cheaper solution making the situation worse as these campaigns are bound to fail without proper investments. Ultimately the companies will never be able to use social media properly and there by further devaluing the proper social media professionals and their incomes. This will become a rippling worry.

This is not a good trend and as social media enthusiasts we also have a responsibility where we need to make the corporates more educated and focused in going for social media integration by educating them on how to select the proper firm/person to implement and drive the company’s social media strategy.

There are so many ways to do this and I guess the world of social media is equipped with the creativity to do this in numerous ways. I wish and pray that this is done sooner rather than later before many of us loose our value.

Oh! I almost forgot, wish you guys a Happy 2012 🙂