Review: New Vodafone AU $50 Red Plan

Well as soon as I arrived in Oz I went with two MVNOs and learnt that cheaper they are the crappier.  (Lebara and Lycamobile)

So I went in search of different plans and being a Sri Lankan the recommended plan from most of the people living here was the $50 Vodafone Red Sim Only plan since I already had the phone and the main advantages of this package was;

  • 300 Minutes of International calls to ANY country where as the others offered the minutes but they were limited to selected countries which did not include Sri Lanka
  • Unlimited local calls to any number
  • Unlimited TXT and PXT (SMS and MMS) Local and International
  • 3GB of data

I guess I was happy with this and ended up getting the same connection for $35 as I added more connections under my name.

Adding a shared plan added 1GB to my plan and also I could share everything I had with my wife for another A$30

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Enjoy but preserve Sri Lanka

Recently I visited “Dalada Maligawa” or the temple of tooth which is one of the most sacred and pictures locations in Sri Lanka.

Of course this is a regular place we Sri Lankans visit. But for many foreigners who come here this is a location to take pictures and keep as this will most likely be their few visits to the location.

I noticed that many were flashing at the ancient paintings and I brought it to the attention of one of the tourist groups and more than them the local guide got annoyed and wanted to argue with me. But being at such a sacred place I didn’t want to let my anger lose and never spoke a word.

But now I want to tell the entire world….. Take pictures but leave it for the future also.

So just turn off the flash and use your camera. Today’s DSLRs and standard cameras can operate with no flash. Also the fact that every monkey with a DSLR are consider them as pro photographer has contributed to this.

Stupid tourist guides just do anything for money and don’t think of the sustainability. They will not have anything to show to the tourists if they behave like this. Also if you are visiting Sri Lanka please keep this in mind.

I’m really amazed why non of the responsible authority or the government has taken any steps to prevent such activities. At least to educate the tourist guides….

Sri Lanka – Wonder of Asia

I was just going through the Sri Lanka Travel Website and came across this promotional video which had been released recently.

This seems to be more inline with the vision of Sri Lankan Tourism and worth sharing. Please make sure you do the needful by sharing this video to the world. Be Proud, Be Sri Lankan.

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I thought the above was creative until I saw the below by Max kegfire and Dima Viper. This is awesome guys! They must have really lived Sri Lanka

University crisis in Sri Lanka

I’m not into politics or I have no intention to even look at it. Still after coming through a wonderful education system I feel I should raise my voice looking at the things which are happening now. Here are the few things I have to say about this;

  • Universities are closed

OK… lecturers are not getting paid enough but, is it really fair to keep on striking? that is a question you have to answer. We have had something going through the university system which had halted the progress. External politics coming into student politics, some groups striking, or some other mysterious reason closes the universities. Is this really because of them or someone not taking the proper action to stop them and making them go from bad to worse…..?

  • Private Universities

If these are just unloading useless graduates to the system that will definitely ruin everything degrading the value of all the graduates. But if these are helping the student who just fell behind to show their colours and fill the “bucket of educated” that is good as far as I see. Money is not health, wealth or wisdom. If money takes the first place that will only have the last place in the queue. I see that happening to some of the graduates who come out of certain institutes, these are words coming through experience. But I have seen very good graduates as well…
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Mobile Number Portability (MNP) against Number Recycling

Recently some of the mobile operators have started recycling their numbers where the numbers which has not been used for sometime are being issued to other customers even without informing the previous owner,which I don’t see as a very good practice.

Seems like my old number also is issued to someone else and the guy who owns that is has become a nuisance to the people who have called to that number thinking that it was me.

So rather than doing such things, why not introduce the portability which many of the people are talking about these days. There was some buzz that this is coming, but seems like it will take longer in the typical Sri Lankan manner. But it’s sooner the better we get these things in place.

What MNP or Mobile Number Portability means you can have the same number irrespective of the package you are using and irrespective of the network you are using.
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