Subversive Vs Subclipse

I have long been a fan of Subclipse the plugin for eclipse which gives the SVN or Subversion support. But the eclipse promotes Subversive as the Subversion plugin.

So I though of giving both a try,

You can find more information about Subclipse here:
You can find more information about Subversive here:

Installation can be done from the eclipse update 3.5 (Install New Software) from Update Sites:

Or you can always use the downloaded zipped archives.

Here goes my results;
both seems to have the same functionalities, with Subclipse having the updated compare features. For me Subversive seems to be giving unwanted information and does not really show the changed files highlighted like Subclipse. Both have the lovely feature of synchronizing with the server so that I can merge and commit without getting conflicts like in the Tortoise Subversion Client which is also provided by the same people who develops Subclipse the pioneer in Subversion who is non other than

Oooops after some time my eclipse 3.5 latest started crashing with Subversive. So had to remove all the jar files from the plugins directory to save my eclipse. So I am back in love with Subclipse.

So my advice for anyone who wishes to use Subversion with eclipse to go with Subclipse as Subversive may behave in unexpected manners.

NetBeans also have the same issue with an unreliable Subversion client which sometimes commits without checking the whether the files on the server have been changed, which put me in a awful deal of trouble when I worked in a project where one of my colegues was using NetBeans to commit to the Subversion server. My changes were overwritten by that client without checking the files on the server.