Twitter and Telco Companies

For sometime now, I wanted to have a look at twitter in a different perspective. People use twitter in different ways and for different things these days. In this post I’m looking at Twitter in my interested domain ‘Telecommunications’.

All the telecommunication related companies have their twitter account these days. Main reason they have a twitter account is because they want to have the Follow us on Twitter, Facebook ,LinkedIn on their website. Other than that I don’t see many using twitter to advantage.
Following are some of the things a telco can do on twitter;

– Spread the latest news about the company, inform the profits, the awards and the achievements.
– Tell about new products and new updates new releases of products.
– Engaging in small conversations with domain related experts and big-shots which may give you the edge of recognition.
– Provide customer care, this applies to most of the telco’s with services such as mobile operators.
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