Behave Well at Crisis

Guys there has been warnings issued for Tsunami threat and the next thing you try to do is to contact your relatives who are close to shores. So the mobile and land-line networks get congested so does the internet traffic.

So be wise and use the communications don’t try to send bulk messages to friends with tsunami warnings. Also please cut down the unnecessary calls you make. Let the authorities use the bandwidths and network capacities and do the job more effectively. Let the families go to safe places. Be wise and Be Safe.

Update: 1805 Hours 11/04/2012
There has been two warnings issued for the main earth quake(8.7 Magnitude) and the aftershock(8.2 Magnitude) first warning time has passed and it’s highly unlikely for that to happen, but the second warning still stands.

Guys hope and pray that the Tsunami goes away…….


No Tsunami, All is well 🙂