RIP Tony Greig

One of the few who really supported the truth and justice in cricket, instead of being bias to the white skin and the “rrr” English speakers. We will miss you and cricket will not be the same without you “Tony Greig“.

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Twitter outage and the aftershocks

Few days back I thought I was the only one who can’t access twitter. And tried so many things including DNS changing to anonymous proxies. First I was blaming the ISP’s DNS then it seemed there was something really wrong when Google DNS also failed to resolve twitter.

Horror!! the thing you least expect from one of the prime social networks has really happened. Twitter gone down…

This shows that anything is possible. So be really careful…. What if Google is hacked.? You create all your accounts with your email. Think about that getting compromised. This may  compromise your whole online identity. So we can’t stop the extremes. But still we should take precautions. Have a very strong Gmail password. Enable step 2 verification. And you are safe from the foreseeable threats, at least!

Mashable: How Much Data Is Created Every Minute? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cricketers on Twitter

Cricket world cup is started and everyone over here is shivering with the cricket fever. So I also decided to do some digging on the cricketers who are on Twitter. Many cricketers are using twitter as a tool to market themselves which is seen mostly with the Indian cricketers and they do make statements on twitter that really goes to the public.

Examples being the Randiv, Sehwag No Ball incident where Sehwag made randiv the culprit using just one tweet no one even bothered to see the other side of th story and believed the social media and the online anti Randiv campaigns. Which emphasizes  the incorrect usage of Social Media can really send the bad information to people.

The other incident which is ralated with twitter is the “Kevin Pietersen Twitter rant” where Pietersen (@kevinpp24) has used the “F” word to tweet the dissapointment of his drop-off. He immediately took that off and later announced that it was a direct message which was tweeted mistakenly 🙂

Cricketers on Twitter

Picture from: Guardian

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Top External Widgets that kill your website

Venura9’s blog which is runing on wordpress started getting slow all of a sudden and I was digging all over the internet to find solutions. Most of the time the contents do appear reasonalbaly quickly  yet the page is not loaded completely.

If you are not aware, Google actually considers the loading time of a website as a page rank parameter. The accepted value is only known by the Google Crawler only. So lower the loading time the higher chance of getting a better page rank.

So the first thing I did was blaming the webhost as any of us would do because they do have the effect most of the time when you are using shared hosting. But thinking rationally there are many things you can do to improve. So the first step was to do a all-round WordPress optimization which gave me about 1 to 2 second improvement yet I had about 10 more seconds to reduce unfortunately. Google Digging strted and actually I found-out that google who ranks website on speed actually is one of the number one speed killers and the social widgets and commenting platforms not far behind.

So I decided to do my own analysis. For this analysis I used the Inspect Element (Inspect Element -> Network)feature which is available with Google Chrome, which lists down the loaded elements with the time taken.

Here goes the top list and the remedies I have taken to resolve that. Of course you can’t take off everything but you need to strike a balance. Continue reading “Top External Widgets that kill your website”

Manage your twitter account with Tweeter Karma

If you do some study on twitter what they say is that you need to have more followers than the amount you are following, which is not practical to a common twitter user like me (except for celebrities). But, at least if you want to keep the gap closer you can use the Tweeter Karma tool.

Forget about all the socio-technical stuff and think about a organized and clean twitter account and still this is the tool for you.

Twitter Karma

There is not much to explain about the process once you login to the website you can basically press ‘wack’ to start managing your twitter account. Also some of you may already be knowing about the tool who will be able to give the readers more insight in to using the tool.
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