US Dollar, US Products and Petrol

“Today the US dollar(USD) hit another high against the Sri Lankan rupee (LKR). This means we have to pay more and more for all the offshore services we use. Irrespective of what is viewed politically,we are bound with the dollars for what we earn and for what we spend for services. Now I will have to pay more to host this website, I will have to pay more to renew the domain and more for all the other services I pay for. Yes, of course if I am earning in dollars I’m in luck. but for a country which buys more with dollars, the expenses are going to rocket. I will not be able to ride the vehicle I bought after a huge stuggle because of the high price of petrol and I will have lesser money to dipose so need to work harder and less time to enjoy, to blog, to social network”

~ My friends, this is the typical story of a blogger who lives a normal life

Still we have to survive and will survive, What do we need to do stuff that bring some dollars back which will keep us going. If the interest rates increase then may be deposit some money and get a good interest. Don’t invest companies are falling…

When I wrote this the LKR to USD was going at 130+

You can check the LKR to USD currency rate from here>>