Blogger Dynamic Views Vs Classic Views

I will always be a WordPress fan for what they offer with the hosted solution. Yet to have simplicity and ease of not having to host I decided to go for blogger, with the aid of the android app which was made available for this region recently.

I noticed that there was a new layout with blogger which was introduced recently and thought of giving a try for that. Within few days I noticed loads of drawbacks forcing me to revert to an older layout.

YouTube video about dynamic views

Issues I came across are the following;

  • No SEO as usual, Everything is in one page.
  • Same template(you can only change the colours) and no layout change, so you are not distinguished much from the millions of other users who use this.
  • Adsense support is available, but……. what you enable doesn’t apply, they do it the way that they want to do.
  • Everything is generated dynamically and I doubt whether the search engines will have the capability detect the content
  • When you share using social sharing services there is nothing available to be grabbed from the post (e.g. Facebook sharing) so sharing becomes difficult.

All I see is bad and no good 😦

Hope these will aid you guys to make your own decision if you are using blogger.

Top External Widgets that kill your website

Venura9’s blog which is runing on wordpress started getting slow all of a sudden and I was digging all over the internet to find solutions. Most of the time the contents do appear reasonalbaly quickly  yet the page is not loaded completely.

If you are not aware, Google actually considers the loading time of a website as a page rank parameter. The accepted value is only known by the Google Crawler only. So lower the loading time the higher chance of getting a better page rank.

So the first thing I did was blaming the webhost as any of us would do because they do have the effect most of the time when you are using shared hosting. But thinking rationally there are many things you can do to improve. So the first step was to do a all-round WordPress optimization which gave me about 1 to 2 second improvement yet I had about 10 more seconds to reduce unfortunately. Google Digging strted and actually I found-out that google who ranks website on speed actually is one of the number one speed killers and the social widgets and commenting platforms not far behind.

So I decided to do my own analysis. For this analysis I used the Inspect Element (Inspect Element -> Network)feature which is available with Google Chrome, which lists down the loaded elements with the time taken.

Here goes the top list and the remedies I have taken to resolve that. Of course you can’t take off everything but you need to strike a balance. Continue reading “Top External Widgets that kill your website”

Social Commenting – DISQUS vs IntenseDebate

As far as I see the initial adopter of social commenting was Google where they allowed users to comment with their Google profiles. With the introduction of the Facebook connect this became a total madness with many blogger and websites where everyone started to use it, including me which then proved to be unreliable and taking a long time to load. Then came twitter becoming one of the the early followers with many late followers to enter.

Then came the third parties such as DISQUS and IntenseDebate where they combined many of these social commenting providers to give a comprehensive solution with more interactivity and user friendliness. My first choice was IntenseDebete which I noticed an increase in the loading time of my blog after sometime, still the ongoing social commenting madness kept me away from reverting back.
Continue reading “Social Commenting – DISQUS vs IntenseDebate”